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Veritas Press is run by an executive team. Our team is made up of the president and all vice presidents. It meets weekly to coordinate all aspects of the operations within Veritas. This regular communication helps bring a coordinated effort between departments, efficient resolution to concerns and better process to seizing new opportunities. Every executive is committed to giving Veritas Families the rich and thorough experience around the best K-12 education possible.


Marlin Detweiler

Marlin has been a leader in the effort to recover classical education from a Christian worldview since 1992.

About Marlin

Laurie Detweiler

Laurie Detweiler is well known for her creativity and the sense of wonder she brings to children in her educational endeavors. She is an Executive Vice President and owner of Veritas.

About Laurie

Dr. Bob Cannon

Dr. Robert J. Cannon is Vice President of Educational Services at Veritas.

About Bob

Raymond Nettleship

Ray is an experienced operations leader, father of four and grandfather to seven and counting. His core focus is setting strategic direction...

About Raymond

Carl Petticoffer

Named Vice President of Curriculum Development in 2013, he now focuses on the publishing of Veritas's expanding collection of curricular materials.

About Carl

Art Siegert

Art Siegert is a self-starter and strategic thinker with a strong focus on tactical execution, who loves building winning teams.

About Art


All Veritas staff are referred to as the Veritas Team. As a team, they work to provide the best service experience found anywhere. Quick responses, accurate orders, fast shipments and thorough resolutions of any issues are all monitored to assure that the families served by Veritas enjoy all aspects of working with Veritas. Every team member feels a special sense of calling and privilege to be doing the work they do to serve the Veritas community.

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