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Statement of Faith and Philosophy

We believe that the sixty-six books of the Holy Bible are the only authoritative, inerrant Word of God. Further, we believe that these Scriptures are our final rule in all matters of faith and practice. Read More

Who Are We?

We’re parents, we’re teachers, we’re educators… just like you. What started with a desire to give our children and students the best Christian education possible has transformed into a mission to prepare all children for life! Ready for whatever calling God has for them so that they will be the change that restores culture to Christ.

Meet Our People

Classical Education

Classical education is the time-tested teaching method passed down over generations that teaches all children how they naturally develop in line with how God designed them to learn, at every age, at every stage. Learn how Classical Education will prepare your children for life.

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Understanding the Trivium

The Trivium is the foundation of a Classical Education and comprises three phases of learning. Phase 1 teaches young children knowledge, Phase 2 teaches teens understanding and Phase 3 teaches young adults wisdom. Learn the advantages of the Trivium.

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Three Ways to Learn

Each and every child has a unique learning style. At Veritas, we recognize this and teach “with the grain.” So, whether a child is a hands-on kinesthetic learner, a visual learner, or an auditory learner, each and every child is set up for success with our three ways to learn.

1Live Online

Classes taught by expert teachers in the Veritas Virtual Classroom. Covering every subject Veritas offers, Live Online Classes are for parents seeking additional help teaching, reducing your load and bringing the peace of mind that your child will reach their ultimate potential.

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Online History, Bible, and Omnibus courses, combining engaging videos, interactive exercises, fun games, and built-in quizzes and exams that create a stress-free option for parents who need to take some of the load off of teaching, yet keeping children excited and eager to learn.

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3You Teach Kits

Parent-taught curriculum with scripted lesson plans and the award winning and proven Veritas Curriculum. The scripted lesson plans are designed to help parents plan, teach and organize schooling for any subject.

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