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Mikhail Kashin

Mikhail Kashin

IT Product Owner

As an IT Product Owner, Mikhail is responsible for maintaining the Veritas Press information technology infrastructure, providing IT support both internally and to our families. He is currently working on ensuring the Self-Paced upgrade is a success.

Mikhail worked in the IT realm for years, and then enrolled in a coding bootcamp, making the switch to software engineering. Having worked in only large corporations, he was eager to work in a smaller environment where his beliefs as a Christian would not only be tolerated, but shared and encouraged. Mikhail's wife was homeschooled all the way through and used the Veritas curriculum. Having seen what an impact that had on her life and fully embracing the value of a classical, Christian education, Mikhail is excited to be working for Veritas.

Mikhail studied IT at Cleveland State Community College, and then in a career switch, later graduated from App Academy having studied software development. Mikhail and his wife, Emily, got married last November after meeting at church and being friends for seven years (as you can see, he is very impetuous--not). She teaches for a classical school, but when they're not working, they enjoy hiking, coffee, symphony performances, and chess--or being with one of their many nephews.