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Susie Denson

Susie Denson

Financial Assistant

Susie began working at Veritas as an interim Financial Assistant for three months, which then became a job-share role for a year. This summer, Susie took on the full role as Financial Assistant, working with the President and VP of Operations on the financial side of Veritas. She process Accounts Payable, Payroll, and many other tasks related to finances.

Susie is originally from Southern CA and moved to Oregon in her mid twenties. She spent many years exploring the Pacific Northwest before marrying her husband. After five years of marriage, they had a wonderful little girl who is now a lovely teenager. They have homeschooled for several years now and have enjoyed Veritas Press Self-Paced History programs throughout their homeschool years.

Seventeen years after graduating high school, Susie went back to school and completed her four year degree with a BS in Accounting. This was a big task while being newly married and working full time, but after three years she was able to get that degree.

Susie and her daughter are part of their local American Heritage Girls Troop and have been for about a decade. This has built some lasting friendships and gained many memories as her daughter develops so many amazing traits that make her faith stronger. Susie is the Troop Treasurer and is on the Board. They also enjoy being involved in True Girl Bible studies together. Susie's family has enjoyed many road trips that usually involve Mustang car shows. They get to see some beautiful places and though the girls prefer hanging out at the pool rather than the car show itself, they have made lots of family memories. They enjoy some hiking, snowshoeing, playing games, craft making, and watching movies.