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Karen Canevaro

Karen Canevaro

Family Consultant

I'm thrilled to combine my knowledge from corporate recruiting and the classical Christian education world and use it to take a consultative approach to helping families think through how Veritas' different educational options can serve them in their current season of life. I love listening to others goals for themselves (and family) and finding ways to make those happen. (I believe the official "Clifton Strengths" term for this is "maximizer.")

I have worked in a variety of positions in both the non-profit and business world. My most recent roles have been as an HR recruiter and a previous owner/director of a classical Christian enrichment program. I began homeschooling in 2018, but took hiatus in 2020 when my children were enrolled at the classical school where my husband served as headmaster for two years. Our family has utilized live, self-paced and you teach Veritas courses in both the homeschool and classical school setting.

I've been married for more than 15 years, and have three children. I enjoy singing, dancing, and reading. We are active in our church.


  • Bachelors in Foreign Language (concentration in Spanish)
  • Masters in Social Work, Owned/operated a profitable classical Christian enrichment program for 2+ years.