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Joyce Kang

Joyce Kang

Family Consultant

I am a Homeschool Sales Consultant, and I am so excited to introduce Veritas to every family I meet! Veritas is a life-changer for our family. With its tried and true educational methodology, it simply takes the “guessing game” out of homeschooling! When I started homeschooling, I knew I wanted a top-notch Classical Education that implements living and great books and teaches through the Christian worldview. Veritas not only develops the best homeschooling curriculum, it also provides the highest standards in live online class instructions, engages and challenges students to think critically, all with the help of kind-loving and qualified teachers who instill a life-time of love for learning.

When I get a break from homeschooling, I enjoy photography, reading, knitting, gardening, and traveling the outdoors with my family. One fun fact: I have a butterfly garden with over 30 variety of roses in my back yard. One of the items on our bucket list is to visit every US national park, which I hope I’ll get to cross that off my bucket list one day!

More facts about me:
* Born in Taipei Taiwan, immigrated with the family to The US at the age of 13
* Speak fluent Chinese Mandarin
* Graduated from University of Houston with a bachelor in accounting
* Currently resides in Austin Texas
* my Husband, whose family immigrated from South Korea, and I have four sons
* our youngest is currently enrolled as a DP student at VSA

Homeschooling timeline:
* 2008 Started homeschooling two older sons using Classical Educational methods
* 2013 Joined a local university model Christian classical education co-op and taught middle school and high school Humanities and Logic for 8 years
* 2019 became the Academic Director for the University model Christian classical co-op. I worked closely with both current and new families to develop academic programs and pathways for each student. Worked together with teacher to review and evaluate current and new curriculums and to develop and implement lesson plans.

Veritas timeline:
* We were introduced to Veritas by a friend in 2015
* The first online class taken was with Veritas in 2017, and we fell in love! We LOVE the quality of the program, the teachers, and staff.
* 2017-2022 we continued to be part-time with VSA
* 2023 my youngest son was accepted as a DP student