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Mackenzie Winder

Mackenzie Winder

Service Representative

Mackenzie grew up in the Tennessee mountains and was homeschooled K-12 primarily on Veritas curriculum. She was involved in music and State Mock Trial competitions in high school.

Mackenzie will be answering questions from Veritas families, troubleshooting any issues families might have with orders or with the live-online classes, helping promote Veritas curriculum, and offering advice on Veritas products.

Mackenzie graduated magna cum laude from Graham College with a Bachelors in Biblical Education. After graduating from college she completed the Association of Certified Biblical Counselors Fundamentals Training Course.

Mackenzie and her husband live in the Tennessee countryside on 15 acres. They attend the Wolf River Presbyterian Church where Mackenzie serves as the full-time pianist. Mackenzie's hobbies include painting and gardening. She also loves art, theater, and musicals and can talk about Lord of the Rings for hours. Mackenzie and her husband enjoy chess, filming, biking, golfing, and karaoke-ing together. She is passionate about Christian education and fully intends to homeschool her future children.