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“All three of my kids, with three very different learning styles, not only learned, retained, and could apply what they learned, but they loved these courses.”



you-teach-lg-icon.png You Teach Curriculum Kits

Parent-taught curriculum with scripted lesson plans and the award-winning and proven Veritas Curriculum. The scripted lesson plans are designed to help parents plan, teach, and organize schooling for any subject.


Self-Paced History, Bible & Omnibus Courses. The most exciting way to learn.

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self-paced-lg-icon.png Self-Paced Courses

Online History, Bible, and Omnibus courses, combining engaging videos, interactive exercises, fun games, and built-in quizzes and exams that create a stress-free option for parents who need to take some of the load off of teaching yet keep children excited and eager to learn.


Get help teaching subjects with expert teachers in Live Online Classes

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live-online-lg-icon.png Live Online Courses

Classes taught by expert teachers in the Veritas Virtual Classroom. Covering every subject Veritas offers, Live Online Classes are for parents seeking additional help teaching, reducing your load and bringing the peace of mind that your child will reach their ultimate potential.