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    Math 1 - You Teach Kit


    The Math 1 - You Teach Kit contains everything you need to teach Math 1 from the comfort of your own home. With an exciting curriculum both children and parents love, homeschooling has never been easier!...

    Math 1 - Saxon 2 - Lesson Plans


    Have you ever wished for more help as you teach, plan and organize your Math curriculum? Veritas Saxon 2 1st Grade Math Scripted Lesson Plans are the answer!  Our Scripted Lesson Plans will guide you every step ...

    Multiplication Songs CD


    This twenty–two track CD and companion book take advantage of children’s natural aptitude for learning through exposure to music. By singing the songs while studying the numbers, children can easily lear...

    Counting on Fall - Math in Nature


    What if animals and plants knew math, just like you? Would leaves fall in patterns? Would whales enter a race? In "Counting on Fall, " the first title in the "Math in Nature" series by award-winning author Lizann Fl...

    Shaping Up Summer - Math in Nature


    In "Shaping Up Summer, " the final title in the "Math in Nature" series, nature comes to life to help children grasp concepts of geometry, symmetry, and spatial sense. This interactive, poetic, and artful picture bo...

    Sizing Up Winter - Math in Nature


    What if animals and plants knew math, just like us? Would snowflakes all fall from the same height in the sky? Would otters spread themselves evenly across lakes? Would groundhogs be aware of the date? In "Sizing U...

    Sorting Through Spring - Math in Nature


    As young readers journey into the natural world, they will discover that numbers, patterns, and shapes can be found by observing everyday plants and animals. In this title in the Math in Nature series, nature comes ...

    Math in Nature Series


    Books included are: Counting on Fall Shaping Up Summer Sizing Up Winter Sorting Through Spring ...

    Saxon Math Manipulatives Kit


    The Saxon Math Maniupulatives Kit is helpful when using Saxon 1, 2 and 3. The kit includes: 1- Student Balance 2- Student Clock 100- Plastic Pattern Blocks 2- Geoboards with Rubber Bands 1- Hundred Number Board 2-...

    Saxon Math 2 Student Workbook and Fact Cards, 1st Ed.


    The Workbooks and Fact Cards are consumable. You will need one for each student. One is included in the Home Study Kit. Yes 2, and of course it follows using Saxon 1 in Kindergarten. You will likely find your studen...

Showing 13 Results
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Items 1-10 of 13

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