Student Government

VSA’s student government is a practical opportunity for students to demonstrate leadership. Each class, 7th - 12th grade, is led by a president, vice president, and secretary. They lead Student Connections discussions, serve as liaisons with school administration, play key roles at the End of Year Gathering, and more. Officers are selected by peers through annual elections – a riveting time of persuasive campaigns, creativity, and a bit of competition.


Student Connections

Full-time secondary students gather by grade level twice monthly online to talk about everything from politics to poetry to pastries. Okay, forced alliteration, we confess. Students pray for one another, share stories, play "get to know you" games, debate favorite movies, share some good counsel on how to survive exams and college applications, and talk about upcoming school events. Class Officers lead the fun and discussions. Friendship, camaraderie, and community are just some of the significant benefits found in our full-time school community. Oh, and what would Connections be without themed costume parties and karaoke?





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The VSA Yearbook, Legato, captures the essence of our student body–a group that works together demonstrating the love of Christ in all things. As one of VSA’s clubs, students help to capture and document fond memories for students and their families each school year.



Personal interests often carry students beyond the classroom, and VSA’s clubs are the perfect outlet. Whether you’re interested in exploring Computer Programming with a Silicon Valley engineer, Chess with a National Master, or Biology with an ornithologist (bird-man), there’s a good chance VSA offers something that will appeal to each student.

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