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Laurie Detweiler

Laurie Detweiler

Executive Vice President

Laurie Detweiler is well known for her creativity and the sense of wonder she brings to children in her educational endeavors. She is an Executive Vice President and owner of Veritas. She has authored, edited and published numerous books and curricular products including the Veritas Press History, Veritas Press Bible, Veritas Press Phonics Museum and numerous comprehension guides for children’s literature.

She was instrumental in founding three classical Christian schools. The first two are The Geneva School, Orlando, Florida, and Veritas Academy, Lancaster, Pennsylvania. In both instances she served as the curriculum coordinator for several years, playing the key role in establishing the curricular selections, sequence, and expectations. The third, Veritas Scholars Academy serves more than 10,000 students worldwide.

Yet when asked what her greatest accomplishment has been, she quickly sidesteps the question and says that her greatest joy is being a wife to Marlin and the mother of four incredible boys, Jameson (born 1985), Brandon (1987), Travis (1988), and Parker (1990). She now includes three daughter-in-laws and four grandchildren.

Laurie graduated from the University of Miami in 1981 with a B.A. in Psychology. Her interests focused on special education and have given her great insights to help children with special needs benefit from a classical education. When her oldest son, Jameson, entered kindergarten, she and her husband became restless regarding the educational options available. After reading Recovering the Lost Tools of Learning, they realized that they had found the education they wanted for their children. Her involvements in classical education from a Christian worldview, initially motivated to help her children, have made her a favorite speaker, international consultant, and writer.