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Jen Bellucci

Jen Bellucci

Homeschool Sales Consultant

Jen is a military wife and currently lives in Texas. She began homeschooling her oldest child in 2010 while living in Virginia. She has led homeschool groups in Virginia, Ohio, and Texas. Jen has a passion for classical education and loves assisting other families learn more about everything homeschooling can offer.

Jen was introduced to self-paced classes with Veritas in 2013 and started online learning with VSA in 2017. Jen has four children in live online classes, the fifth will join when she reaches 3rd grade! Jen is a family consultant and helps families discover Veritas Press curriculum and find what works best for their students and family.

Jen received both her Bachelor of Science and Master of Arts from the University of Massachusetts. Since her husband’s career moves them around frequently, she chose to stay home to raise her family, homeschooling all the children and offering stability, while working from home part time in both marketing and non-profits.

Jen and her husband live in Texas. They have five children and an adorable goldendoodle named Phish Food. All five children have been homeschooled and use VSA. She has experience from Kindergarten through High School. Jen is active within her community, passionate about nonprofits and volunteering, enjoys traveling and spending time with her family.