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Sarah Montgomery

Sarah Montgomery

Service Representative

Sarah is a customer service representative. She helps Veritas families learn more about our products and services, answer their questions, place orders for them, and help them to troubleshoot any problems that arise.

Sarah is a second generation homeschool mom and a Registered Nurse (inactive license). She has been married to her husband for 20 years in November. They have lived in Oklahoma all of their lives, and they met in college. Sarah has been homeschooling with Veritas materials and courses since 2007, when her oldest started K with the original Scholars Lesson Plans. He graduated from VSA in 2021. Sarah has two current VSA students and a 1st grader.

Sarah has a Bachelor of Science in Nursing, but she is most proud of the education that she has gained through educating her children. The books they've read and the accompanying discussions have probably taught her just as much as it has taught them.

Sarah's husband and their four redheads make them a rowdy bunch. They love theater (both attending and participating), old movies (especially musicals and John Wayne), books, kayaking, bowling, board games, and spontaneous random adventures (especially if they involve cows). Sarah enjoys baking, cooking, playing with sourdough, hiking, reading, classical music, jazz, bluegrass, and singing hymns.