The Most Awarded Classical Homeschool Curriculum

2018 Practical Homeschooling Readers Award
2017 Practical Homeschooling Readers Award
2014 Blue Ribbon Award
2014 Practical Homeschooling Readers Award
2014 EE Award
2016 Practical Homeschooling Readers Award
2016 Practical Homeschooling Readers Award

“Our family loves Veritas! Your materials are so understandable, and make directing my children through their lessons so much simpler than trying to figure the sequence out myself.”
-Lisa H.

A Complete Curriculum

A full-year of homeschooling in one simple order.

Stop Worrying.

Never worry that you're doing enough again.

Love Homeschooling.

Curriculum you and your children will love.

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You Only Get To Educate Your Children Once So Why Deal With All Of These Problems?

  • Feeling overwhelmed
  • Not knowing what you’re doing
  • Feeling lost
  • “I can’t do this”
  • My kids are bored
  • My kids are behind
  • My kids don’t like homeschooling
  • My kids are distracted

What Makes Veritas Unique

When it comes to educating their children many parents don’t know how or where to start, they often feel overwhelmed and worried if they’re doing “enough.” Veritas helps families stop worrying and start loving homeschooling with the most awarded classical curriculum and online courses kids love that parents can actually teach... Read More

"This Program is possibly the best thing that ever happened to our homeschool."
-Carlee C.

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