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Memorize and Absorb

When children are in the Grammar Stage, they love repetition and song. It's why young children will watch the same movie, listen to the same song or want the same book to be read to them over and over again.

Teaching With the Grain

The whole point of Classical Education is to teach “with the grain,” which is why in this stage, we teach children that already love songs and chants with just that; songs, chants, actions, and even choreographed movements that are all working with each other in tandem so that the children never forget what they’re learning.


Learn Latin, the Swiss Army Knife of Languages

Its also at this stage that we teach Latin, what we like to call the Swiss Army Knife of languages. Once you know Latin, learning many other languages becomes much easier. In fact, roughly 60% of the English language has roots in Latin. We also teach writing and math basics – engrain a math fact in your mind once, you’ll know it forever!

Learn History Chronologically

To round it all off, we teach History from a chronological perspective, at this stage starting from Creation. Giving a child a linear path of the history of the world that integrates all of the events of the Bible gives children a context that will serve them all their lives. Ecclesiastes 1:9 tells us, “That which has been is what will be, That which is done is what will be done, And there is nothing new under the sun.” We truly take this to heart and believe that by teaching children where we’ve been, they’ll be better prepared to know where we’re headed, but most importantly, how to get there and avoid repeating the mistakes of the past on their way there.


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