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Is a free consultation right for me?

  • I am just starting my homeschooling journey and have questions.
  • I worry about the quality of my current homeschool education plan and want help.
  • I wonder if my student is going to be ready to meet the challenges of college or life.
  • The homeschool catalogs are overwhelming and I want to know I am making the right choices.

What are some common questions we answer?

  • What are the benefits of the full-time program?
  • Can you explain the differences between Premium and Classic service levels?
  • Does my student need to take ALL 6 years of Omnibus in the full-time program?
  • Does your full-time program offer an accredited diploma?

What helped make me fall in love with Veritas is the help and guidance you have offered. I have never felt such peace and contentment with homeschooling as I do now. I was one of those people who always had to try everything that was out there because I never know if what I was doing was “enough.” And that trickle-down effect onto my family has been wonderful.

Veritas Scholars Academy Parent

My favorite part of free consultations is getting to hear about the students’ goals and shaping a vision for the possibilities Veritas has to offer.

Ashlyn Fabrick
Family Consultant