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Art Siegert

Art Siegert

Vice President of Marketing

Art Siegert is a dynamic and visionary leader, renowned for his exceptional ability to drive strategic initiatives with precision and achieve remarkable results. As a seasoned self-starter, he possesses an innate talent for translating strategic visions into tactical execution, consistently propelling organizations to new heights.

Throughout his distinguished career, Art has navigated various sectors, leaving an indelible mark in SaaS, market research, non-profit, and fintech. Currently at the helm of Veritas Press, he orchestrates a seamless synergy between marketing and sales, collaborating closely with project management to elevate brand awareness, generate substantial revenue, and implement forward-looking growth strategies.

Art's academic prowess is marked by a degree in art with a specialization in graphic design, showcasing his creative acumen. His outstanding contributions have garnered prestigious recognition, with multiple American Advertising Awards® (Addys) bestowed upon him by industry peers for his groundbreaking work.

As an alumnus of Northwestern University - Kellogg School of Management with an MBA, Art brings a wealth of strategic business knowledge to his leadership role. His commitment to excellence extends beyond the professional realm, as he passionately dedicates time to family as a devoted husband and father. Off the professional court, Art thrives in the realm of competitive volleyball, a testament to his unwavering pursuit of excellence in all endeavors.