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Six Tips for Toddler Assistance While Homeschooling

Sarah Carrig Written by Sarah Carrig
Six Tips for Toddler Assistance While Homeschooling

We recently asked our Veritas Press Facebook community for their best advice on homeschooling with a toddler in the home. They gave so many good tips that we had to break it up into three blog posts! This is the third blog post in that series. If you missed the previous two, click here for part 1 and here for part 2.

Six Tips for Toddler Assistance (On A Budget!)

  1. I had older kids take turns with their little siblings being their “teacher” for 15-30 minute chunks. They loved figuring out a game or a craft for their “special time” which allowed me one on one with an older child. It’s a puzzle! I also had a schedule so the kids knew their times with me and also with the littles. – Sonya B.

  2. If you are trying to teach upper elementary and/or middle schoolers, you WILL need to focus on them for a period of time. If you have a hard time doing this on a daily basis, I really suggest you pull in some babysitting help, even if it’s just an hour and a half a day, 4 days a week. – Sandy B.

  3. We have a gym membership with childcare. I put the two yr old in childcare and I get 1.5 hours of one on one time with my dyslexic ADHD kiddo who needs concentrated uninterrupted time. Then we swim or play in the game room before lunch. Then he goes down for a nap (fingers crossed!) and we get a little more time before we pick our other kiddo up from school. – Laura K.

  4. Rotate big kids to play with your toddler. Put it on their schedule/list. – Deane S.

  5. Try placing the toddler(s) in a church group like mother’s morning out. Even if it’s just 9am-12pm that’s three hours you wouldn’t otherwise have. – Jennifer K.

  6. Delegate chores to older siblings. Ask for help from family or friends. Paper plates and crockpot meals alleviate stress during these busy days. Find veteran homeschool moms a little ahead of you and ask for any tips and encouragement. – Igne M.

Home educating your big kids while keeping track of toddlers can be challenging. We hope that this post series has given you some helpful ideas - and even more importantly, a healthy reminder that you don’t have to do this alone!

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