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6 Activities to Entertain & Enrich Your Toddler While You Homeschool

Sarah Carrig Written by Sarah Carrig
6 Activities to Entertain & Enrich Your Toddler While You Homeschool

Recently, we shared a blog post with five tips to help you homeschool with a toddler in tow. Our Facebook community offered so many great tips that they could not all just fit into one post, so this week we are back with part two: our families' go-to toddler activities!

Six parent-favorite, toddler-approved activities to do during school time:

1. She loved wearing dress-up costumes for imaginative play (definitely helped divert her attention). She had her own set of manipulatives that matched the older kiddos, plus lots of homemade play-dough. Sidewalk chalk ~ TONS of sidewalk chalk on the covered back porch! Very impressed at how quickly her fine motor skills developed. Jayne D.

    2. Rotate toys. Have some toys always put up for three months or so. When they come out they are new and extra fun again. Teresa P.

      3. Plan ahead with snacks, busy bags/boxes (check Pinterest), special toys that get pulled out occasionally, acknowledge and reward good behavior. Igne M.

        4. Favorite activities for our toddler:
        - Beads/pasta for stringing and putting through paper towel tubes/cups/egg crates
        - Playdoh
        - Dry erase books/board
        - Tangram or wooden shapes with design/challenge cards Heather M.

          5. I set up a quick activity (Busy Toddler has great ones) for my 2.5 year old to do while I do K with my eldest. I use the same activity twice in a week (so I prep two of each activity at once) so it’s easier for me. Then once he’s done with the activity, he has a few easy preschool things he can do in the kitchen while we work (sticker books, etc). Charity B.

            6. Make a bin of dry beans and measuring cups and spoons. Also put a few in a small container with a lid (like an empty plastic spice jar). Give the bin to your toddler during school time. We did this with rice as well. It’s a bit of a mess to clean up (but it only takes a broom). It kept my little one occupied for long periods of time. Trish J.

              We hope these ideas have given you some inspiration and will lead to many hours of fun for your little ones. Do you have an idea that you would add to this list? Share this post on your favorite social media and leave a comment with your favorite toddler activity - and don’t forget to tag us (we might even update this post to include your idea)! Looking for more inspiration to help you homeschool while parenting toddlers? Check out the third part of this blog series here!