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Student Spotlight | 2 Minutes

What is Being a Diploma Student REALLY Like?

Molly Nickles Written by Molly Nickles
What is Being a Diploma Student REALLY Like?

Do you wonder what it’s really like to be a Veritas student? Are the classes actually as hard as others have said they are? Do the kids have time for sports and youth group? Does a classical education line up with your STEM student’s interests? Or do you wonder if your kids will stand out from the crowd simply because of the knowledge and earnest consideration that comes from being well-read?

In this blog post, we bring you a candid interview with Bella McCoy. She graduated from Veritas Scholars Academy this past June and is now attending Liberty University.

Hear directly from Bella on her experience at Veritas and what advice she has to give your students on how to succeed while receiving the rigorous education Veritas is known for!

Do you dream of your child having an earnest conversation on the differences between the books 1984 and Fahrenheit 451 and their relevance to modern-day culture like Bella?

Bella McCoy isn’t the valedictorian of her class. We didn’t cherry-pick her (as you’ll see, we’ll be talking with many alums in the coming months and sharing their stories with you!) She is simply a diploma student who was diligent in reading the books, completing her work, and investing in friendships at Veritas.

We hope her story encourages you as you press into classically educating your children!

If Bella’s story inspires you to seek the diploma program for your children, we highly recommend talking with a consultant today to get started!