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Student Spotlight | 1 Minute

Student Spotlight: Tobias Hullete’s Sonnet

In Omnibus V Primary, students must write a sonnet. The sonnet can be deceptively hard. It’s a simple 14-line poem with a prescribed rhyme scheme and rhythm. In practice, the precision required proves much harder than students expect at first. Below is Tobias Hullete’s sonnet.

Kiss me if I’m wrong, but the earth is flat,

Dinosaurs still roam. Mermaids swim the sea,

I love being wrong for a kiss like that.

Did the sun rise, or did you smile at me?


We’re not socks but were an excellent pair.

You’re so cute, I have forgotten my lines.

Fresher than a female prince of Bel Air.

Do you have my heart? I think you stole mine.


Are you a bank loan? You have my int’rest.

Life without you is a broken pencil.

It renders me sad cause it’s so pointless.

You’d be a weapon if your looks could kill.


My name is Toby, but call me tonight.

We are 90 degrees. It just feels right.