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Student Spotlight | 1 Minute

Student Spotlight: A Poem by Luke Boer

Student Spotlight: A Poem by Luke Boer

In Literature 4, students use inspiration from Faerie Gold to write their own fairy tales. Read rising 5th-grader Luke Boer’s rendition here. 

Aglow in the night 

Transparent in the light 

Your beauty reflects off the crashing wave 

You penetrate the dark 

Like fire from a spark 

You shine above like a lantern in a cave 

You comfort me tonight 

When nothing here is right 

There is chaos in the world, you see 

You replace the blazing sun 

And make the world more fun 

Everything is wild when you cease to be 

But through the pitch black sky 

All my fear flys by 

When I see your brightness way up there 

And so when things go wrong 

I sing this hopeful song 

And look up through the misty air 

And I see the moon

Luke Boer is a 4th grader who is enjoying his first year as a VSA student. When not studying or writing, he spends much of his time reading, playing the cello, practicing magic tricks, and singing with his siblings