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Student Spotlight | 1 Minute

In the Classroom: Stars, by Melanie Doyle

In the Classroom: Stars, by Melanie Doyle

In Poetry class, students learn different types of poetry including free verse, sonnets, haiku, and more. For the assignment below, students were asked to write in heroic couplets, which are pairs of lines written in iambic pentameter with perfect end rhymes. We hope you enjoy Melanie Doyle’s poem, Stars. For more information about our live online classes, click HERE.

Stars, by Melanie Doyle

As darkness falls and cloaks the land with black
And slinking night, the world groans from the lack
Of heat and from the loss of day. For life
Is gray and withered now, ne’er free from strife
And bound to bow before the throne of night,
Who rules with whips which tear away the light.
But then a voice sings out so loud and clear
And shouts “Look up! I’m waiting for you here.
A hint of white that sparkles just for you,
So fix your eyes on me. You will get through.”