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Student Spotlight | 1 Minute

In the Classroom: A New Year Prayer

In the Classroom: A New Year Prayer

Veritas Scholars Academy offers Mandarin Chinese 1 and 2. Students learn to read, write and speak the language. In honor of Chinese New Year, on February 1, Naomi Kooy wrote this prayer in Mandarin.

Translation: My Chinese New Year Prayer

The Spring Festival is the Chinese New Year! China's civilization and history are thousands of years old. I like learning Chinese culture and characters! I pray for the happiness of the Chinese! I also pray that my parents are healthy, my family is prosperous, and my family is happy! Happy Chinese New Year!

Naomi Kooy is 16 years old and a sophomore in high school. She enjoys doing many different activities which include dancing, baking, and singing. She enjoys learning new things and is very glad she can take Mandarin Chinese 2 this year at Veritas. She loves learning more about the Chinese language and culture.

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