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The Redundancy of Christian Education

Marlin Detweiler Written by Marlin Detweiler
The Redundancy of Christian Education
The term Christian  education is redundant. In a very real and substantial sense it is  repetitious to call education Christian. While preparing for a new  school year, this year, the idea of what education truly is came home very  clearly. As is likely the case for you, I probably heard it before, but the  clarity of the cognitive bell in my cranium this time was unforgettable.  Education, simply stated, is nothing more than learning about God's creation and His providence.In creation, or  the study thereof, we learn about order and existence. Math is  "orderly" because God is orderly. Should God fail to exist, the  certainty of two plus two equalling four would no longer be with us. The  questions left unaddressed in the technique and content found in most schoolsDoes  God exist? And, if so, what is He like?is the necessary foundation for any  education. What good is served if we learn how to build a house in every detail  except the foundation. Our neighborhoods are full of people trying to purchase  the apartment above the empty lot.More directly,  we understand chemistry, physics, earth science, and biology as the study of  what God made and the order by which it now exists. Can you imagine learning  the periodic table one year and finding that it changed the next year? It  should be understood that the kind of change spoken of above is not change due  to new discoveries that might shed light on our error in perception (remember  Newton's fight to break culture and the church of its geocentric belief), nor  is it change due to additional discoveries (several heavy elements have been  added to the periodic table in our lifetime). But rather, the change imagined  is the kind that permits something to be qualitatively different today than  yesterday. Sadly, many today believe there are no absolutesChristians included.  You've likely contemplated the chaotic destination of that train. Although  creation is a finished work, our understanding of it is not. Avoiding extra-  biblical dogmatism is wise. And knowing the clear teaching of Scripture will  assist us in keeping the Newtonic egg off our faces. Knowing Scripture also  prepares us to hold our ground. What an exciting time to be alive as new  technology enables us to discover new information that assists us in our  understanding of God's creation.History, and the  reason one event precipitated from another, is God's providence at work. The  development of language, spoken and written, a significant element in  education, is at least partly the work of God's providence. (A case could be  made that language is part of creation rather than providence but that is  beyond both the scope of this article and the abilities of the author.) As we  learn about and understand the work of providence we gain insights as to why  things are the way they are now. In fact, by God's grace, we may accurately  forecast certain future events. As a reader of this publication you likely  foresee great trouble on the horizon caused by current and past failures  surrounding the education of children. This ability to foresee the future is  not from some supernatural gift, but rather both an understanding of God's  nature and character through His Word and by observation as to how He has led  His creation to this point. He is orderly and orderliness, by definition, has a  very predictable quality.Years ago  theology was understood to be the "Queen of the Sciences," the idea  that all things must be understood in light of our study of the nature and  character of God. Then educators recognized that only "in Him we live and  move and have our being" (Acts 17:28). God is sovereign over  allcreation and daily life. With a right understanding of the  Creator/Sustainor's role in that which we learn we can then, and only then,  fully comprehend the data we receive and it's relationship to other data thus  enhancing our ability to appreciate what we have learned and communicate our  convictions to those with ears to hear. I am sorry I  ever imagined education in an environment that didn't recognize the sovereignty  of God. I am even sorrier that many Christians continue to raise their children  with little thought for what their precious gifts from God hear and learn from  Mrs. Secular, six hours a day for 180 day a year. Obviously we can  learn a lot from the educational process without the mention of God's Name. Common  Grace is experienced by all. But what have we learned. Math teaches us that  order exists and is dependable, Physics proves that out. But why is there  order? And how is it that something came from nothing at the beginning and now  we say that cannot happen? If Mrs. Secular  had been there to answer my oldest son's question, then four years oldDaddy,  how did God make Himself?How would she have responded? Would she have declined  on the basis of separation of Church and state? Would she have told him that  he'd have to ask his parents? Or, maybe she would have summoned up all her  recent masters program educational learning and responded, How do you think He  made Himself?               One thing's for  sure. If we don't understand that education must include God foundationally, we  cannot possibly be educating thoroughly and completely. Unfortunately, our  neighbors don't see it that way, so for now we better bite our tongue and tell  them that the kids are attending a Christian school where they are getting a  Christian education. But maybe, just maybe, the time will come when we can say  they're getting a complete education or a properly- grounded education and our  neighbors will understand.   By Marlin Detweiler Marlin, and his wife, Laurie, founded Veritas Press and Veritas Press Scholars Academy, specialists in classical Christian education. Marlin was a founding board member for Veritas Academy in Lancaster, PA. He is a permanent board member for ACCS and was one of the founding board members of The Geneva School, Orlando, FL.

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