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The Making of Many Books

Carl Petticoffer Written by Carl Petticoffer
The Making of Many Books

“Of making many books there is no end; and much study is a weariness of the flesh.” (Ecclesiastes 12:12)

Releasing a new book is an exciting time for a publisher. In recent months we at Veritas Press have been hard at work on a number of new resources for families and schools.

Journey through the Bible

One very special book has been a go-to resource for our families almost from the beginning. After Journey through the Bible went out of print a couple of years ago, we searched for a way to bring it back. We were honored that Lion Hudson, the Christian publisher based in the United Kingdom, graciously worked with us to produce a new North American edition. Retaining V. Gilbert Beers’ informative and engaging narratives about biblical events, the book sports new eye-catching images, diagrams, and maps. Especially exciting are the icons we added to key the events to our Veritas Bible Flashcards. This refreshed resource will surely continue to be a favorite for educators in homes, schools, and churches.

Phonics Museum

The new edition of our award-winning Phonics Museum program is now bringing the same effective reading instruction to young students. Our complete makeover includes full-color workbooks and teacher’s manuals, as well as characters and picture assets retooled to match our friendly Phonics Museum app. New primers replace the early readers, with easy-to-understand stories and imaginative artwork.


For students in the middle school years, we recently published the second book in our writing series produced in collaboration with World News Group. Composition II updates and expands the original Write with World text, making it even more useful for teaching the writing skills crucial for maturing students. The accompanying teacher’s edition includes model schedules, grading rubrics, as well as helpful notes on the lessons.

A Rhetoric of Love

How should Christians winsomely communicate with others in a fallen world? Classical educators have rightly looked to thinkers like Aristotle and Cicero for help. A Rhetoric of Love helps us to look back to these giants through the lens of Scripture, emulating Jesus in His love for others. Volume 2 of this groundbreaking series is due out soon, exploring more fully the hands-on practices that embody a rhetoric that loves God and neighbor. It delves into topics such as delivery, posture, differences in audience, using visual props, and even stand-up comedy and satire. The accompanying teacher’s edition will include daily scripts, exercises and scheduling aids.

Even though the Preacher in Ecclesiastes highlights the weariness of much study, our hope is that these new resources will considerably lighten the load.