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Starting out Homeschooling? What’s available for your Kindergartener!

Lexi Detweiler Written by Lexi Detweiler
Starting out Homeschooling? What’s available for your Kindergartener!

It’s never too early to start homeschooling your children. In fact, we have a post all about homeschooling toddlers or preschoolers. But kindergarten is when formal schooling begins. I mean, all you really need to know you learn in kindergarten, right?

All kidding aside, kindergarten is the first step in building a strong educational foundation. Veritas Press has a comprehensive kindergarten curriculum that’s available as a complete grade-level package, or by specific subject. Here’s what we recommend for kindergarten:


Young children love to express themselves. Encourage them to do so constructively with our art books. Veritas has curated wonderful storybooks about famous artists and textbooks for teaching drawing skills.


The goal this year is to familiarize your child with the Old Testament. Read through The Children’s Story Bible and Big Picture Timeline to learn the stories of Abraham, Moses and David. For further reading, check out the collection of read-aloud Bible stories from the Old Testament.


There are two recommended curricula for kindergarten math: Saxon 1 or Math-U-See Alpha. Both teach mastery of concepts. Saxon is strong on repetition, while Math-U-See is lauded for its multi-sensory approach. Check out both and decide which fits your child’s learning style.

Reading & Phonics

Remember learning letters and sounds in kindergarten? If only we had the Phonics Museum back then! The Phonics Museum kindergarten kit includes a student workbook, teacher textbook, readers, games, drills, and music. This course can be taken as a traditional hands-on approach or with our Phonics App, but it’s ideal to use them together. Both options include games and stories to make reading fun. The Phonics App is a true self-paced course with lesson videos and a progress tracker that keeps track of grades and course completion. If you want to see how much fun it is, try it free for two weeks!


Kindergarteners will enjoy learning the concept of time with an adorable timeline resembling a ball of yarn named Bede. Bede’s History of ME walks children through family trees, the history of holidays, music, and more!

Don’t forget about the Scripted Lesson Plans! These are a life-saver! The day-to-day lesson plans are written by an experienced teacher familiar with the curriculum. Now you can spend more time teaching and less time planning! The lessons were designed for homeschooling, whether you have teaching experience or not.

Still not sure you’re doing enough? As a part of the Veritas Press Diploma Program, you’ll be able to check-in with one of our academic advisers, who will curate a customized plan for you. The Diploma Program is an accredited online school that’s flexible, affordable, and guided.

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If you follow these simple recommendations, you’ll be prepared to lay the foundation for a lifelong learner!