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Read Aloud OT Collection


Our friend, Nancy Wilson, has told us of the many hours she and Doug spent reading Bible stories to their children. She`s probably reading again to her grandchildren now. What better way to enjoy and have children become familiar with God`s work. These hand-picked titles from two different series will give much enjoyment while familiarizing young ones with God`s Word. All Soft 32p.
This collection includes:

What’s included:
  • Daniel: The Praying Prince
  • David: The Fearless Fighter
  • David: The King
  • Esther: The Brave Queen
  • Jonah: The Runaway Preacher
  • Joseph: God`s Dreamer
  • Noah: Rescue Plan
  • Ruth: The Harvest Girl
  • Elijah: God`s Miracle Man
  • Joshua: Brave Leader
  • Moses: Man of God
  • Rebekah: Mother of Twins
  • Samuel: The Boy Who Listened
  • Sarah and Abraham: The Wonderful Promise
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