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The process of Metamorphosis of a butterfly [video!]

Written by Jesse Brooks
The process of Metamorphosis of a butterfly [video!]

Last year I listened to a Radiolab podcast episode called “Black Box.” Among other things, this episode talked about the metamorphosis of a caterpillar into a butterfly. Surprisingly, it was the first time I had really heard what happens inside the chrysalis. The caterpillar body doesn’t just sprout wings. It disappears into a kind of “goo” and from that goo, a butterfly emerges. Hence, metamorphosis. At the age of 30, I’m amazed by this. My four-year-old daughter, while she thinks it’s cool, has no trouble believing that a caterpillar can wrap itself in a chrysalis and emerge as a butterfly. To her, it’s as believable as reindeer that can fly or a rabbit that hides Easter eggs.

This month’s topic, metamorphosis, has many levels to it. For young children, this butterfly life cycle craft is a classic. As a homeschool mom (or dad), you might even have all the supplies already. Older children will find this video about the life cycle of the monarch butterfly both informative and fascinating. Secondary students can take it a step further and discuss the theme of metamorphosis at Easter and how even the amazing metamorphoses in nature cannot compare to the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. And all ages can enjoy a walk through a butterfly conservatory or even purchasing a kit to watch the life cycle of a butterfly at home.


By Lexi Detweiler