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A Letter & A Gift

A Letter & A Gift

This year has been a refining fire for so many of us in America and around the world. But it has also been a year of encouragement, a year highlighting the significance and timeliness of classical Christian (and online!) education, and a year pointing believers back to our primary mission: service to Christ in all that we do. In today's culture, it is easy to forget this focus, but times of trial and testing provide perspective and help to return wayward hearts to Christ.

In 2020 Veritas was given the privilege of helping to provide thousands of families, worldwide, with free access to online curriculum during some of the most tumultuous months of the pandemic. Out of many messages of appreciation and thanks, this one, from August, stuck out to us. 

Back in March of this year, I opened an email to find one of the most extraordinary offers I have ever received. The email was from Veritas, and the incredible offer was to allow anyone to learn from any or all of your Self-Paced Courses free for 60 days. Since most of the world is concerned about making money versus making sure parents and kids are well taken care of during a major time of confusion, upheaval, and stress, I am embarrassed to admit that I was skeptical of the email offer. However, after a few "online chats" with your friendly staff, I was convinced we were on the receiving end of a very gracious, loving, and heartfelt effort to provide stability, hope, and continued learning. It was a reminder that God is still in control and uses willing humans to demonstrate His love.

Interestingly, I have been part of your email list for a while now, and my daughter and I had investigated your Self-Paced Bible, History, and Omnibus offerings. As a family, we had not invested in your classes due to the cost, both Self-Paced and live, because we were unsure if our 5th-grade daughter would enjoy or learn from them or if they were a good fit for our educational goals. After sharing your incredible offer with my husband, he was willing to let me and our daughter, Alexa, decide which class to try.  Thus, Alexa and I spent about three hours watching the various sample videos.  We eventually decided on the Old Testament and Ancient Egypt History class as well as the Genesis to Joshua Bible class.  Our choices were based on order as well as what we felt we could finish in the allotted time.  I ordered them, and Alexa and I started utilizing your curriculum the next day.

Alexa and I were hooked on the Bible courses after the first lesson!  I listened to all of them with her and learned as much, if not more, than she did!  She loves having someone help her connect Bible stories and facts.  Your Self-Paced Courses did just that and more!  As for the history, we absolutely LOVE the Great Sphinx! I was working every history lesson right along with Alexa and was amazed at all the additional information you were giving the grammar age student versus just having them memorize events, names, and dates. Then, the course went well above and beyond to start connecting secular history to biblical history to help us understand what biblical events were occurring at the same time. Your history course was providing everything I had ever wanted and more.

Near the end of April, you blessed us again.  I received another email about signing up for additional courses by April 30th. After once again chatting with the service team, I was convinced we could attempt all of the Bible courses and all of the History courses to decide what we might want to invest in later since we could not possibly finish all of them in 60 days.  After discussing our plan with my husband, we enrolled in all of them. With great diligence, our daughter completed all 3 Bible courses, and after my husband requested we switch to the 1815 to Present course, she finished all but the last 5 lessons in that course.  

Your company continued to push the boundaries of generosity and show the world what it really looks like to love as Jesus does.  Our last email offer from you was to purchase, for 1/3 of the original price, any of the Self-Paced courses for which we had registered but which we would not complete in our 60-day window—WOW!! After serious discussion, my husband and I decided it was well worth the money to invest in the other four Self-Paced History Courses for that price.  I am pleased to say that our daughter and I are currently on track to finish them in the six-month window.  

Through your efforts and generosity, our entire family knows what it feels like to be loved by Jesus!  Beyond any doubt, we know that your curriculum fits our educational goals for our daughter.  The Self-Paced Courses involve our whole family in research, discussions, and toe tapping along with the memory songs! With that in mind, we are looking forward to enrolling Alexa in your Omnibus Primary and Secondary classes starting next year.  As for this year, to help us decide if we will do Omnibus as Self-Paced Courses or Live courses, we registered Alexa for the Literature 6 class with Ms. Statema.  Alexa also completed your summer reading challenge.  This was a true summer reading event as it encouraged our voracious reader to complete a number of the classics she had not read up to this point.  Now, Alexa is also asking just money for her birthday so that she can order as many of the historical fiction book recommendations that compliment the SP History courses as she can get!

Thank you so very much for providing solid, Christian education both free of charge and also at a tremendous discount this year.  With the pandemic eliminating jobs in our household, your offer of free education was a huge financial blessing. Your offers also provided opportunities for great conversations, connections with other books and curriculum we use, impromptu memory song snippets, as well as some much welcomed laughter and fun!

May each of you and your families experience God's grace and love for the enormous and generous gifts of education you provided our family and hundreds more like us!

—Wendy M.

Wendy’s words were deeply encouraging, and stand as a testament to the reason that Veritas exists. 

As we conclude the year, our commitment to “restoring culture to Christ one young heart and mind at a time” remains unwavering. Although the Veritas Black Friday ‘Course & Curriculum’ combo sale has come to an end, as a final way of helping those who may still be looking for education options for the Spring, from now through December 14th every third Veritas Self-Paced Course you purchase will be completely free. Just use coupon code ONEFORFREE. We hope this will be an encouragement—especially to those still looking for educational help during strange times like these...but if you already love Veritas Self-Paced Courses, this offer is for you as well.