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In everything Veritas does, we believe in challenging the status quo, we believe in thinking differently, we believe in raising standards, to ensure children are Preparing for Life in all areas, ready to engage culture as bold, effective servants of Christ. Ready to succeed in whatever calling God has for them.

Many things have changed since our founding in 1996, but our mission has remained the same, to Restore Culture to Christ, one young heart and mind at a time.

We challenge the status quo by making Christian homeschool curriculum that teaches children how they naturally develop, in line with God’s design, a method that captivates their minds and hearts, all in a way that is easy for parents to use.

Veritas accomplishes all of this by providing Classical Educational Curriculum from a Biblical Worldview with three easy ways to teach it, because no two parents or children are the same.


Three Ways To Learn

Each and every child has a unique learning style. At Veritas, we recognize this and teach “with the grain.” So, whether a child is a hands-on kinesthetic learner, a visual learner, or an auditory learner, each and every child is set up for success with our three ways to learn.


You Teach

Parent-taught curriculum with scripted lesson plans and the award-winning and proven Veritas Curriculum. The scripted lesson plans are designed to help parents plan, teach and organize schooling for any subject.


Online History, Bible, and Omnibus courses, combining engaging videos, interactive exercises, fun games, and built-in quizzes and exams that create a stress-free option for parents who need to take some of the load off of teaching yet keep children excited and eager to learn.


Live Online

Classes taught by expert teachers in the Veritas Virtual Classroom. Covering every subject Veritas offers, Live Online Classes are for parents seeking additional help teaching, reducing your load and bringing the peace of mind that your children will reach their ultimate potential.