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Melanie Meadow

Melanie Meadow

Melanie Meadow says, as an author, she is a seeker of story, of the narratives of lives, of history, of God’s place in it and through us all. As a teacher, it’s her desire to impart the importance of story and writing into her students – even to those who might initially perceive English classes as “boring.”

Her college degrees – a Bachelor’s in English from Clemson University and a Master’s in mass communication from the University of South Carolina – led to a career in newspaper and magazine journalism, and then public relations on the collegiate level. She taught Journalism at a Tennessee public college and, more recently, freshman English at Bryan College.

She dropped her career to homeschool her two sons – and they all survived! In the past nine years, she has been the Academic Writing and Intro to Literature tutor at Francis Schaeffer Study Center, a homeschool tutorial in Mount Juliet, TN.

Melanie lives in middle Tennessee where the rich spiritual history of the place influenced her personal writing and led to the publication of several books – both fiction and historical fiction. She is a pastor’s wife and longs to see students fulfill their potential, both academically and spiritually. Having met the Lord Jesus as a child, her current goal is to know and love Jesus more each day.

Melanie has one fantastic husband, two adult sons, nine goats (at this writing), one farm dog, several beehives and a yard full of chickens.

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