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Lindsay Sturm

Lindsay Sturm

Lindsay Sturm is a lifelong learner. In addition to classically homeschooling her own seven children, she has taught a variety of levels in diverse contexts including two private Christian schools, a Classical Christian homeschool co-op, and the Alaskan public school system. She first entered the field of education after receiving her B. A. in Elementary Education from Moody Bible Institute. She later went on to earn her M.Ed. in STEM Leadership from the American College of Education. She is currently enrolled in a M.A. of Classics program at Memoria College.

Lindsay was blessed to be raised in a Christian home under the teaching of Scripture where she came to know and love the gospel of Jesus Christ. She and Brad, her husband of 20 years, have been dedicated to the work of full-time Christian ministry since graduating from Moody. They served their first few years of married life in their local church in Chicagoland before departing for the foreign mission field. They served for over ten years as church planting missionaries in Central Mexico. They now work cross-culturally in the heart of bush Alaska in McGrath, a village of under 300 people, 250 miles off the road system. Their family is a part of McGrath Community Church, where Brad serves as teaching elder, and together they are involved in just about every facet of church life.

Lindsay is involved with the Northern Lights Theatre, an outreach of McGrath Community Church that uses drama as a means to share their lives with community youth and share the gospel of the greatest story ever told. Northern Lights Theatre has done stage productions such as “The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe” performed at the local public school, as well as radio dramas that have aired on the local station to the interior villages of Alaska.

Brad and Lindsay have seven cherished children: Eaden, their eldest and only daughter, followed by six boys: Judah, Gabriel, Titus, Deacon, Abram, and Matthias. Their eldest four children are currently students at VSA.

In her spare time Lindsay loves to explore the wilderness, especially on cross country skis. When indoors, she is a fireside bookworm and knitter. Her family lives in and runs a lodge in McGrath. Ironically, she is a tea snob with a coffee shop in her living room.

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