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Jon Hoglund

Jon Hoglund

Jon Hoglund loves teaching Omnibus for Veritas and has been doing so since 2018. There is nothing greater in a classroom than when multiple students have their hands up, waiting to engage and question a classic text. His teaching draws on the classical tradition, advanced study in theology, and practice in cross-cultural missions in order to guide students toward a delightful knowledge of God and his world.

Dr. Hoglund taught for Bible Colleges in both Ukraine and Vietnam over 15 years before returning to Minnesota in 2022. That means he not only enjoys borsch and the "banya" (a sauna in Russian/Ukrainian), but also can properly evaluate phở, mango smoothies, and Vietnamese coffee, while driving his kids to church on a motorbike in downtown Hanoi (google “hanoi motorbikes” to understand this).

Outside of Veritas, Dr. Hoglund teaches at Bethlehem College & Seminary and attends Cities Church in St. Paul. He and his wife, Andrea, have four children. When their eldest began the Omnibus program in 7th grade, they were hooked, and have found it to be the spark that makes dinner-table conversation light up ever since.

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