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Heidi Smith

Heidi Smith

Heidi Smith has been interested in math and science, especially learning about the way things work for as long as she can remember. After receiving a B.S. degree in Chemistry from Messiah College with a concentration in mathematics and art, Heidi worked with professional chemists and engineers conducting research and analysis and later as an information specialist performing patent searches using chemical abstract databases.

Heidi has been involved in home education for nearly twenty years. Her family joined a homeschooling cooperative, where she developed and taught a Geometry course for eight years, a Calculus course for four years, and other courses including Physical Science, Art History, Engineering and Building, and Illustration. In addition, Heidi tutors students from local public and Christian high schools in Algebra, Geometry, Trigonometry, Calculus, Physics, and Chemistry. Interacting with students and helping them understand the material and its applications are her favorite aspects of teaching.

Heidi and her husband, Leonard, a water resources engineer, have four children. Two have graduated from Liberty University with degrees in English and Graphic Design/Advertising. The younger two attend the same university and are studying Information Systems and Nursing. Heidi likes to spend time with family and friends, visit art museums, read five books at a time, enjoy a good cup of coffee, and appreciate the wonders of God’s Creation. She is thankful for the honor and privilege of being part of the VSA faculty and serving the Lord here as a teacher.

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