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Carla Wilson

Carla Wilson

Carla Wilson’s route to discovering her call to teach has been a circuitous one. She studied chemical engineering as a National Merit Scholar at the University of Florida, and later earned her Master’s in Mathematical Sciences from the University of West Florida. She had a successful career as an engineer for Procter and Gamble until she left to devote her time to raising, and then later homeschooling, her three children using the classical model of education. During those years at home, she discovered a passion for teaching and has since taught high school math and science in both homeschool co-ops and Christian schools. Most recently, she taught honors and AP chemistry at Asheville Christian Academy in North Carolina.

After seeing their youngest child off to college, Carla and her husband Barry decided to move from her native Florida to the beautiful mountains of western North Carolina, where they enjoy exploring their new state, kayaking, hiking, visiting with family, and long walks with their three sorry mutts.

Carla was blessed to be raised in a Christian home and accepted Christ as a young child. Her lifelong love for math and science has only deepened her love for her Savior, who has revealed Himself through His creation, and she loves showing her students how the disciplined study of the created world not only reveals the Creator but awakens a sense of humility and wonder before Him.

Carla and her husband-architect Barry are building their home on some gorgeous mountain acreage and look forward to hosting many family gatherings there with their three wonderful children and any future spouses and grandchildren.

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