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Dr. Benjamin Szumskyj

Dr. Benjamin Szumskyj

Dr. Benjamin Szumskyj has been a teacher for over eighteen years, most of these within Christian schools, ranging from the private sector to those practicing Curriculum and Reengagement in Education (CARE) for students-at-risk and those disengaged from mainstream schooling. He has taught English, Classical Education, Society & Environment (Humanities and Social Sciences), History, Geography, Politics & Law, Mathematics, Christian Education, and Health Education, in addition to implementing recovery programs and securing placements at vocational colleges and work experience for students. Dr. Szumskyj has also been actively involved in writing curriculum and team management in a classroom setting.

Dr. Szumskyj has a Ph. D. in Bible Exposition (Liberty University), two Master's Degrees (Divinity, Liberty University; and Biblical Studies, Moody Bible Institute), and three Bachelor’s Degrees (Education, Society & Environment, and Theology), two Graduate Diplomas (Christian Studies and Librarian Technician), and three Graduate Certificates (Biblical Counseling Institute Ohio; Institute of Jewish Studies; Christian Institute on Disability). Dr. Szumskyj was also a certified Biblical Counselor (Association of Certified Biblical Counselors).

Dr. Szumskyj didn’t grow up in a Christian household, but knew of God at an early age. Even though he attended a Christian high school, he did not have a relationship with Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior until he attended a secular University. It was through a succession of events that Dr. Szumskyj came to be spiritually reborn, responding in repentance and baptism to God’s gift of salvation. There came a time when he decided that, rather than just being a Christian who wore his faith like a set of clothes, it was time for his very flesh to become Christian and that the Scriptures would define his life. Dr. Szumskyj believes that the moment he believed in Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior, he was given the Holy Spirit and strengthened his life’s journey. Years later, when his father left him and his mother after almost thirty years, he truly understood what it meant to be loved by God. In the absence of his earthly father, he drew closer to the Holy Father who shepherded him through this difficult time in his life. It was through all this darkness and pain that Dr. Szumskyj truly understood the attributes and concept of God’s election, sovereignty and lordship.

Dr. Szumskyj’s hobbies and interests involve reading and studying the Scriptures and Christian faith, writing, gardening and the self-sufficient lifestyle, walking, fishing, exploring new sites and vistas, and spending time with family. Located in Western Australia, he is happily married to wife Stacia, proud father to two sons, David and Noah, and his daughter Rebekah, in Heaven.

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