Teaching grammar mastery and writing skills with Shurley Grammar and Institute for Excellence in Writing.
Learn the fundamentals of thinking well in formal and informal logic.
Admin Track
Learn from experienced administrators. Contribute to the discussion.
Learn to teach the Bible with Veritas’s time-proven system that puts biblical events in the context of history.
With Veritas’s award-winning history program your students will love (and grasp) history like never before.
Using math curriculum that fits the stage of the student, you’ll learn to help all levels and abilities of students.
Learn best ways to instill this capstone discipline of classical education with Veritas’s A Rhetoric of Love.
Is there a more important tool for learning? You’ll become equipped to instill the benefits like never before.
Learn to bring your students into the Great Conversation with Veritas’s award-winning Great Books curriculum.

Featured Speakers

Marlin & Laurie Detweiler
G. Tyler Fischer
Dr. Robert J. Cannon
Michael Eatmon

Why Classical Education?

The model of classical education works because it teaches children in the way they naturally develop and when combined with a Christian worldview will give children the foundation they need to be ready for whatever calling God has for their lives. The strength of classical education is in the Trivium: the three stages: grammar, logic and rhetoric. These stages naturally coincide with how God made children to learn. This method follows the natural progression of thinking and learning for every child in each stage of their development, ensuring they are well-prepared for their next steps in life, whatever they may be.

Conference Pricing

Individual Pricing

Registration Pricing

Hurry, space is limited! Pricing after midnight April 15 is $299 per person.

Early Bird Pricing

$249 Per Person
Group Pricing

Group discounts are available for groups with 5 or more attending per school. All attendees must register together. Pricing after midnight April 15 is $299 per person.

$20 OFF

PER REGISTRANT for school groups of five or more

Special Event

Dinner at the Detweiler‘s Home

$29 Per Person

*Hotel rooms are not included in registration. After registering, please contact the Eden Resort at 866-801-6430 or email: to book your room.

Schedule & Evening Events

The Veritas Teacher Development Conference will be full of teaching and instruction covering virtually all disciplines at a detailed level and include attention to many administrative issues. There are four tracks: Grammar (Grades K – 6), Dialectic (7 – 9), Rhetoric (10 – 12) and Administrative. Time for interaction, Q&A and great fellowship will be another benefit.

Location & Lodging

The 2022 Veritas Teacher Development Conference will be held in Lancaster, PA at the Eden Resort. Lancaster is just over an hour’s drive from Philadelphia. While Lancaster is known for the Amish, we'd recommend that you check out Central Market in Downtown Lancaster while you're here. You'll find plenty of treats to snack on there. Be sure to try a doughnut from Achenbach's. They're incredible!