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Free mini-Courses

Registration is now open!

Are you a veteran self-paced Veritas Press family, but have never taken a live course before? Or maybe you’re new to homeschooling and have just dipped your first toe into the massive waters of educating your kids at home?

Our amazingly talented and passionate teachers will help your students (and you!) experience the joy of learning online with others around the world with these unique and educational mini-courses! Each course consists of three 1-hour sessions.

Have questions? Click here to check out our F.A.Q!

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Grammar School



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1. Can I sign up if I’ve already taken live classes before?

    We love how excited you are to take more live classes! However, these classes are geared toward people who’ve never taken a live class before.

    2. Will there be homework? If so, how much?
    None. We want this class to inspire kids to dig deeper on their own without worrying about homework!

      3. Do students get a certificate of completion?

        No. This class is a mini-course. So it’s not long enough to be considered for credit on paper. But it’ll totally inspire your student for summer learning!

        4. Will these be offered again during the school year?

          No. This is your one chance to experience live classes for free, so you better jump on it!

          5. Are there full-school-year versions of these courses?

            While there are no full-school-year versions of these courses, there are SO MANY classes to choose from. Visit our live courses page to see what classes your student would love to take in the fall!

            6. How many students will each class take?
            In order for your kids to have the absolute best experience, we’re limiting registration to 50 students per course.

              7. Do I need to install software on my computer to access these courses?
              Yes, the Adobe Connect application. There are super easy instructions that your student will receive. We’ll send a reminder email about it, too, so you’ll be ready before the class begins.

              8. What if I miss a class or am in a different time zone? Can I watch a recording?
              An archive of each class will be available after each class is complete. So, you will be able to "catch up" during the course if you miss a week. This is the same way our live courses work!