PRESS RELEASE: Veritas Families Have Access to ESA and School Choice Funds

Mission Trips


Dominican Republic

Dates: July 1-6, 2024

Cost: $1,600

Sign up by: TBD


  • We will meet at the Miami airport to start the trip. You will need to pay your own travel expenses to get to Miami. 

  • Dean Laura King is leading the trip.

  • For safety reasons, we will stay in an all-inclusive hotel that is within walking distance of the church.

  • No training is needed! Come as you are, ready to share the gospel.  

  • No organized fundraising will take place for this mission trip.

  • Our projects will be two-fold: facilities improvement and summer Bible school.

  • Facilities improvement will include painting and building a concrete fence around a parcel of land the mission recently purchased

  • The summer Bible school is similar to Vacation Bible School here in the US and will be run in English and in Spanish, so if you do not know Spanish, that is okay!