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Self-Paced Courses | 4 Minutes

What Types of Learners do Self-Paced Courses Feed?

Sarah Carrig Written by Sarah Carrig
What Types of Learners do Self-Paced Courses Feed?

If you’ve never tried a Self-Paced course with your student before you might be wondering, “are they worth it?” The short answer, according to families who have tried them, is “yes!” Below you can read in their own words what they enjoyed about Veritas Self-Paced courses. We hope this will help your family as you decide whether this homeschooling method is for you!

History was something that never stuck for me--dates, people, events...I enjoyed learning about them but couldn't retain the information, so teaching my own kids was intimidating. Having 3 kids at different levels makes it hard to do a lot of one-on-one teaching. Enter Veritas Press Self Paced History: All 3 of my kids, with 3 very different learning styles, learned, retained, and could apply what they learned - and they loved these courses (we have done them all). I sometimes would make history the treat of the day, because they would work hard to be able to get to do history. My son, who is 11, loved these so much he finished a whole year in only 6 months, and begged to repeat his favorite one--New Testament, Greece and Rome. I cannot express how delightful, fun, and enriching these courses are. – Carlee

Recently I found out my son has dyslexia. The history lessons are suited very well for his right-brained learning style. His knowledge of history, including the time-line, is very good thanks to the songs, games, and repetition built into the program. He will struggle to read some of the quiz questions but once I read them to him he knows the answers. I also have to admit I have learned things I never knew. I will continue to buy these and will be disappointed when we have completed all of them because they are so good. – Kim H.

My 9 year old son loves our Veritas Press self-paced course. I purchased the 1815-Present history one and he eats it up. He wants to do Veritas Press first every day. As a very independent student, he likes being able to do this on his own. It's fun to talk at dinner time about what he learned. Because of the memory song, events that he hasn't learned about yet have piqued his interest and he asked 5 questions about our history that I had to look up myself. That's the kind of love for history that I want! – Keri S.

This is our 3rd Self Paced History course. These courses are the highlight of our day! My struggling, autistic son is totally absorbed by the characters, memorizes the songs, and consistently scores between 80 and 95% on the quizzes. He loves to do history, and impresses his college-age sister with his knowledge of historical facts and dates. What a blessing these courses have been to our family. And I have learned along with him, and have been inspired to do other reading on the various events and people I learn about in this course. Thank you so much! Merry Christmas! – Barbara

It is one thing to hear second-hand through parents how their students have enjoyed something, but reading it first-hand from a student can be even better. We were so taken by this sweet note from Manning, a second grader who recently completed the Self-Paced Bible course that we just had to let you take a peek too:

Hi, I’m Manning I just completed the second grade self paced Bible course yesterday. I cried at the end, I really like Asher and Abigail, I know they are actors but I really like them. I like them so much because they taught me so much and it helped me to love learning the word of God. When I came home from getting ice cream (we celebrated me finishing the course) I cried a lot. I cried a lot because I am going to miss Abigail and Asher, I was sad because my course ended. I just wanted to tell you that and I pray that Abigail and Asher know how much they mean to me and I really like them. Please send this to them.

Love, Manning O’Nell ❤️❤️❤️

We hope this gives you an idea of the variety of families, students, and learning styles that have benefitted from Veritas Self-Paced Courses. Whichever courses you decide to go with for the 2022 school year, we wish you all the best on your homeschool journey!