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VSA Partners with Classic Learning Test!

VSA Partners with Classic Learning Test!

Veritas is excited to announce our partnership with the Classic Learning Test!

Like Veritas, CLT was born out of a desire to challenge the status quo. CLT utilizes the best of what has been recorded in our Western tradition to assess students in key educational areas.

For students in grades 7-12, please explore CLT’s meaningful assessments. Exams are taken online, at home, in approximately two hours. Use the code Veritas25 for 25% off when you register.

Upcoming Test Dates

CLT (Official college entrance exam for grades 11-12):

June 23 or August 27

CLT10 (Norm referenced exam for grades 9-10 with award/scholarship opportunities):

September 27-28 or November 15-16

CLT8 (Norm referenced exam for grades 7-8):

September 13-14 or November 1-2