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Student Spotlight: The Bat and the Nightingale

Student Spotlight: The Bat and the Nightingale

In Grammar and Writing, students use the IEW program to learn proper writing structure and skills. Below is the retelling of a narrative written by Annie Tenev in Grammar and Writing 5. To learn more about our Live Online Classes click HERE.

There once lived a bat and a nightingale near River Li by the emperor's palace. The nightingale was proud, and the bat was wise. Taking a stroll, the emperor liked to visit the river as the day ended,  because of its beauty and peace. It stretched like a silver ribbon. Gently it gurgled as it flowed. When the sunset, everything grew quiet. Only the crickets chirped. At night, the wise bat caught mosquitos, while perching on a tree, the proud nightingale sang beautifully for the emperor, who liked to sit under the tree.

One night, as the nightingale was singing, she noticed the bat swinging for mosquitos. When she saw this, the nightingale said in disgust, "Oh Bat, aren't you ashamed of yourself?" 

 "Ashamed of what?" asked the bat, catching some more mosquitos. "Eating mosquitos," said the nightingale,  "Surely, singing for the emperor is so much better." The bat did not respond immediately, but gobbled up some tasty mosquitos,  which could not escape him,  because he was very swift. After he swallowed them, he replied, "It is an important job." The nightingale still did not approve, but exclaimed, "Important! How is eating mosquitos important while I am singing to the emperor?" and 

 proudly showed off her feathers, but the bat just smiled as he continued catching mosquitoes.

The next night, the bat, who wanted to teach the nightingale a lesson, did not fly around as usual. He just sat on the tree, preparing to listen to the nightingale. At this time, the nightingale sang even more beautifully than ever, because she wanted to show off. Enthusiastically, elegantly, and smoothly she raised her voice, but she was so consumed by herself, that she did not notice the restless emperor slapping mosquitos. Eventually, the emperor fled,  as he was chased by the mosquitos. 

When the nightingale saw this, she called out to the bat, "I am sorry, I thought you were useless, but you were right, you do have a very important job."  Hearing this, the bat resumed catching mosquitoes, while the nightingale sang, and the emperor came back to hear the wonderful sound. All was well again. Finally, the nightingale learned to appreciate the bat, and from then on the bat always helped the nightingale.