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Student Spotlight | 2 Minutes

Student Spotlight: The Story of P-nut Hathcox by Lucy Hathcox

Written by Lucy Hathcox
Student Spotlight: The Story of P-nut Hathcox by Lucy Hathcox

Let me allow myself to give an introduction. My name is P-nut Hathcox. This is my incredible story. I am Lucy’s white- crested Guinea pig. I woke up one morning to the sound of Sugarplum, Lucy’s Goldfish, pecking at the glass of her cage. Ugh. Another perfectly good sleep ruined by this insane aquatic disaster. I’ll give her a piece of my mind! I thought. But alas, I cannot speak fish. It was then that I saw it. The most unwanted, unwelcome, and unacceptable thing I had ever seen in my life! Another guinea pig was staring back at me! Strangely enough, it looked just like me. 'No, I am much more handsome than that guinea pig!' Or so I thought.  I gave it a closer inspection. It does look like me! Funny, I was alone just a second ago……..hmmmmm……..This is highly suspicious. What should I do? “Um, hello?” No answer. “ Helloooo! I’m talking to you, buddy! You better not turn your back on ME Buster! Noooo siree!” I screamed at the top of my miniature, guinea pig lungs. Hmmm…..Still no answer. I turned around to leave. It turned around, too! “ Hey! Buddy! So you can move!” I yelled. “ You are getting on my nerves, Buddy!” The guinea-pig-clone gave no answer. I started to walk over to my rack of Timothy Hay. It was following me. “Alright! That does it! Now tell me who you are or I’m coming after you!” Silence. More silence.  I patiently waited for that rude, offensive guinea pig to answer. “Ok, here I come!” And I charged as fast as I could. Somehow a big piece of glass was blocking me! Man, did that hurt! I saw stars for a little bit and then I sat up again. “ Are you from G-Force or something? Because you, my sir, are tough!” Silence. Wow, that guinea pig was annoying. Then I realized it. That wasn’t another guinea pig! It was me! Rudely, Lucy had set her mirror net to my cage, causing me to think that (very logically I might add. I mean, who wouldn’t think that that was another guinea pig?) Problem solved! I went over and ate my hay and cardboard in peace. Oh, speaking G-Force, I’m such a good detective, maybe I should join!

My name is Lucy Hathcox; I am eleven and in the sixth grade. I live in Musella, Ga with P-nut, and my many other animals and family; this is my first year at VSA. I like VSA because everyone there seems kind and helpful.