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High School Transcripts | The Nitty Gritty of Homeschooling High School

Susan Gimotty Written by Susan Gimotty
High School Transcripts | The Nitty Gritty of Homeschooling High School


Note: This transcription may vary from the words used in the original video for better readability.


So now let's talk about getting real nitty gritty, the pathway to graduation. So here's what it feels like on the left, but it should look like on the right.

So let's take a minute and just soak up these photos. So on the left is how we think it's going to be, that we're standing on a dock. We can jump off any direction, and we sure hope we jump off the right direction. I would say that's not how your pathway to college should look, but more like these stepping stones, one at a time, that can start as early as seventh or eighth grade.

And one of those steps could literally be going to our seminar on dual enrollment or how to fill out a FAFSA, whatever it might be. These are stepping stones, and we as academic advisors can help you with that. Now, if you just take one class with us, maybe you don't want to teach chemistry, so your kid's going to take chemistry with us. Great! But that might feel a little bit more- you're going to have to make your child's own stepping stones that we could be a little bit of part of that. But the Diploma Program is where you're really going to have that firm footing and know that we are guiding you every step of the way across that finish line.

All right. I mentioned to you the transcript. Let's talk about this transcript. Okay.

So what is a transcript? A transcript is a fancy report card for 9th through 12th. And this is your golden ticket to college. Every college will have you submit a transcript. Now, if you are not part of our Diploma Program, you can submit your own transcript.

You can make your own transcript, kind of like this. I have helped some homeschoolers here in Kansas City do that, and you can get into college yourself. However, if you have an accredited transcript like ours, you certainly will be a leg up. Let's talk about ours just for a few minutes.

Middle States Accreditation

The first thing is we are accredited by the Middle States Association. Now this is the big boys of accrediting bodies. This is the same accrediting body that accredits places like Harvard. This is not just Joe kind of Christian school accreditation. This is big and we are very proud of it. And it goes on every single transcript.

Weighted GPA

The next thing you'll see is a weighted GPA. When you and I were in school, I don't know how long ago it was. Maybe not as far as it was for me. But when I was in school, 4.0 was the highest GPA you could get. 4.0 meant you had all A's, and you basically had a pristine transcript. Well, that's in the past. No longer. Now we have what's called a weighted GPA, and that means you can get above that 4.0 mark.

And so you can have on this transcript right here. You'll see that a class like biology, you'll see on the left it shows a little H, which means honors. About 90% of our classes are on the honors level. No matter who you are, if you're full-time or part-time, what track you're on, etc. Dion, if you could throw that school profile link right in the chat box, that would be great.

This school profile, that she’ll link you to will show you which classes are honors and which are not. If you get an A in an honors class, then you get a 5.0 toward your overall weighted GPA.

Note: If you're taking it as a part-time student or a full-time student, only a full times students are going to get that transcript that will have the H designated as an honors class. As far as a homeschool transcript, it's up to you whether or not you designate that as an honor. Some universities will not accept an honors course on a homeschool transcript, but it would when coming from an accredited school. So that would be the difference.