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Family Spotlight | 3 Minutes

Lindstrom Family: Our Veritas Story

Jenny Lindstrom Written by Jenny Lindstrom
Lindstrom Family: Our Veritas Story

For those of you who may not know me, I am a Family Consultant here on the Veritas Scholars Academy team. I am a parent of four children whose ages range from 35 to 17 and have been mostly educated through Classical education. I have spent 30 years working in administration for private schools, 3 classical and 2 brick-and-mortar Christian schools. Out of all of my years in Christian education, classical or not, Veritas stands out as exemplary in every way.

Because of the rich classical curriculum offered at Veritas, my two daughters, who are both seniors, have learned to be critical thinkers and problem solvers. They have learned to communicate well through both writing and speaking. Latin gave them a strong foundation in English grammar and writing, while classes like Logic and Rhetoric have taught them to reason well, communicate what they believe, and why they believe what they believe. Both my daughters have enormously benefited from the Diploma Program. All their high school classes are honors and are heavily weighted on the 5.0 GPA Scale. Because of the level of curriculum, Veritas has also partnered with Cairn University to allow our students to make their classes dual enrollment. As my two seniors applied to colleges (and been accepted to all with tremendous scholarship money), we have realized that their 5.0 GPA at the top of their transcript paired with their numerous dual enrolled credits give them a huge advantage.

Ultimately, the most important thing to me as a parent, putting aside all those “bells and whistles”, is that my seniors can defend their faith. Veritas Scholars Academy has done an amazing job teaching my children to think, reason, and articulate a biblical worldview. I believe it is important that our children are prepared to go out into the world, take ownership for their beliefs, and back it up scripturally. Veritas teaches them how to do this, and my girls will graduate with that huge advantage. True Christian education teaches our children the importance of knowing and obeying God’s Word so that they are able to stand firm in their faith after high school.

I am a first-generation Christian, and I have learned through God’s Word the importance of obedience and faithfulness, as Abraham was faithful to God. Because of Abraham’s righteousness, God made an oath to him to bless his descendants for generations to come. I believe my husband and I have been faithful to God by partnering with Veritas to educate our children in a way that fosters a love for the Lord. Veritas has helped our children grow in their own personal relationships with God, and I am confident that the Lord will use their success at Veritas to bless generations to come.