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How to Succeed at Rigorous Online Classes

How to Succeed at Rigorous Online Classes

Days at the beach are quickly fading into a fond memory, and the reality of school has smacked us in the face! Have there been some tears in your home in the past couple of weeks? There’s nothing more difficult than seeing your sweet child in tears over not understanding an assignment, overwhelmed at the workload, or simply being hit with the reality that summer is a full 9 months away.

And let’s not forget us– the parents! We feel like crying some days, too, right? Homeschooling is not the easiest road, that’s for sure.

We recently posted a word of encouragement inside the Veritas private Facebook Group and are delighted to see many seasoned parents commenting with some encouragement of their own.

Before we share their insights, Ty Fischer has written a fantastic blog post on Three Principles You Need to Know When Jumping into Classical Education that will give you real tangible ways to think about classical education in your home. Make sure you take a couple of minutes to read his article. It’s immensely helpful, especially if you’re still researching if classical education is right for your family.

If you’re a current or prospective Veritas family, read these stories from those who’ve gone before you as they share encouragement on pressing on during this transition period!

Michaela’s son persevered through his first-year adjustment, graduated, and is now pursuing his dream career.

Michaela's Testimonial

Sara reminds us that teachers are here for you! The teachers really do want your students to succeed, so make sure you use the teacher's office hours and communicate with them whenever you need.

Sara's Testimonial

Mari Leigh focuses on the academic and character-building that happens when choosing a rigorous program like Veritas.

Mari Leigh's Testimonial

You’ve got this! Keep encouraging your kids to be intentional with their time and actively work on creating a routine that will have them not just surviving but thriving! Veritas is a rigorous program, but the hard work and discipline cultivated during these years will set your kids up for success!