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How to Have a Calm Homeschool Morning

Sarah Carrig Written by Sarah Carrig
How to Have a Calm Homeschool Morning

So, you want to have a calm homeschool morning?

You see beautiful happy posts on Instagram of kids smiling as they sit peacefully at the dining room table. Sweet captures of quiet coloring time (the kind that happens on printed pages, not on the wall when nobody’s looking). Everyone gathered around happily learning with their books. But maybe you aren’t one of those supposedly perfect Instagram families (honestly, most of us aren’t). Perhaps you’ve even accepted that not every morning will be calm and perfect, but you’d sure like those peaceful mornings to happen more often.

So how do people do it? We asked some Veritas families to chime in about how they encourage calm mornings in their homes. Below are the main themes we observed.

Begin prayerfully

I give myself time to gather my thoughts, pray, and read Scripture. If I am calm, it makes a world of difference to the school day. - Andrea M.

My goal is to do my personal devotions in the morning, but not every day works out like that. Being in God's Word is so important and helps you get your day started. We work very hard to take the kids back to Christ in everything - attitude, conversations, anything! Being immersed in His's powerful and a tremendous blessing. - Bethany B.

Have a routine and goals

Have a routine/rhythm so everyone knows what to expect. Start with a morning basket/morning collective. - Deane S.

Plan ahead as much as possible. Make sure you have what you need for the day already on hand in one place. Nothing worse than missing just one item for an experiment or not being able to find the book you want. - Adonna P.

We have a wide variety of age groups. We keep a list of things the bigger kids can do independently while I get my morning workout in and feed the baby. - Kimberly W.

I hate to say it but getting up early enough to give mom and the kids time to wake up and get some of their wiggles out is very important. - Trish J.

I don't have a set time to start school, but we generally start 9/9:30. Right now I'm going for a walk while the kids eat breakfast. When I get home the kids do their table chores, get ready for the day, then move on to their morning chores. For me, having the house tidy goes a LONG way to having a productive school morning. - Bethany B.

Ease into the day with group reading & uplifting music

Morning Bible reading and Catechism around the table. Starting the day in God’s word as a family has always been the greatest way to launch our homeschool days! - Beth H.

When I was homeschooled, my mom used to do read-alouds first thing. This year we start with Bible and scripture memory all together. That seems to be going well. I have also found playing instrumental music helps to keep a calm atmosphere sometimes. - Trish J.

And if all else fails…

Bacon. Just make bacon and everything will be just fine. - Jonathan H.