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Have a 1st grader? Here’s what’s available for your student!

Have a 1st grader? Here’s what’s available for your student!

So your child sailed through kindergarten and, let’s be honest, so did you! Numbers and letters are fun, but now it’s time to buckle down and do some serious work. Right? Well, sort of. Planning for homeschooling doesn’t need to be daunting. Veritas Press has many helpful resources for parents at any level, but starting with first grade will set your child up for success.

The Complete Grade Level Packages are a great place to start. Here you’ll find a complete year of curriculum with every subject your child needs in just one click. There are different levels of packages depending on how in-depth you want to go and options for tailoring the package to your specific student. Each level includes all of the subjects required for first grade: History, Bible, Math, Geography, Grammar & Writing, and Reading.

You can grab the whole 1st grade set or get specific subjects. Here’s the breakdown for you!


First grade students focus on U.S. History with Bede’s History of US. Bede is an adorable timeline that resembles a ball of yarn. He guides students through The Great Awakening, Lewis and Clark, the Wild West, the history of inventions, famous American artists, and more.


Students read through the New Testament (if Old Testament was covered in Kindergarten) using The Child’s Story Bible and the Big Picture Timeline. There is also a series of picture books about Jesus and key apostles for further reading.


Veritas has curated its math curriculum to be challenging yet accessible to all students depending on their learning style. We offer both Saxon Math and Math-U-See. For further reading, check out Math in Nature, an adorable series that uses nature and animals to demonstrate real-life application of math concepts.


Your student can learn basic Geography with our friends, Mr. Longitude and Mr. Latitude, in the Legends and Leagues storybook and workbook. When used with the Geography songs and States & Capitals songs CDs, you have a complete Geography course.

Grammar & Writing

Veritas recommends Shurley English Level 1. Your child will build a strong foundation in English grammar and vocabulary with this curriculum.


First grade is a monumental stage for many children to learn to read! We believe that reading may be the most important educational skill a child will ever learn. We’ve developed the Phonics Museum, a full-year curriculum that includes a student workbook, teacher textbook, readers, games, drills, and music. This course can be taken as a traditional hands-on approach or with our Phonics App, but it’s ideal to use them together. Both options include games and stories to make reading fun. The Phonics App is a true self-paced course with lesson videos and a progress tracker that keeps track of grades and course completion. If you want to see how much fun it is, try it free for two weeks!

Art and Music

While not required subjects, Art and Music need not be overlooked. Veritas has curated wonderful storybooks about famous artists and composers and textbooks for teaching skills.

Now you know what you need, but how do you use it?

Cue the Veritas Press Scripted Lesson Plans! These are day-to-day lesson plans written by an experienced teacher familiar with the curriculum. Now you can spend more time teaching and less time planning! The lessons were designed for homeschooling, whether you have teaching experience or not.

So, you have all the tools, and you know how to use them, but how do you stay on track? How do you know if what you chose is “enough”? The Veritas Scholars Academy Diploma Program is an accredited online school that’s flexible, affordable, and guided. Once your child enrolls in the Diploma Program, you will be assigned an academic consultant who will ensure you’re fulfilling all of the requirements for first grade.

Still not exactly sure about what you want to do? Schedule a free consultation, and we’ll curate the perfect plan that fits your unique needs for your 1st grader!

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Totally equipped with a customized curriculum, scripted lesson plans, and an academic consultant, you’ll be able to teach first grade with the same grace and confidence you had for kindergarten!