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Student Spotlight | 3 Minutes

Until We Meet Again | Fiction Writing Workshop Feature by Mikhaela G.

Until We Meet Again | Fiction Writing Workshop Feature by Mikhaela G.

The following story was written for the Veritas Scholars Academy Fiction Writing Workshop course. In this course, students will complete a manuscript of finished work and learn the power of story writing. They will also learn how to both write and evaluate stories from a biblical perspective. Student work may be submitted to various contests and publications with the ambition that the student will have the work published. This course is eligible for dual enrollment credit for junior and senior students.


Until We Meet Again by Mikhaela G.

“Honey, I’m scared. Please don’t leave me!”

“Hey, this won’t be as painful as you think. We both knew we would run out of time eventually. I’m just happy that we could stay together this long.”

It was a beautiful day with blue skies and fluffy, cotton-candy-looking clouds. The two stood on the front lawn, facing the street with their fingers entwined. They had been together for just over two months, and while he was prepared for this thing between them to end, she refused to face that reality.

“It’s just not fair,” she cried out. “Every day, couples walk their dogs and families ride their bikes together. Why do they get to be happy? Don’t we deserve that chance too?”

“Well, it’s not that simple... Do you remember the first time I met you?” She shook her head, waiting for him to continue.

“The thing that stood out to me the most was your beautiful black eyes. Even through the treacherous chilly winds, I could not stop looking at you. I noticed that you kept swaying back and forth, and I wanted to give you my scarf to keep you warm, but I got too scared. I had never met anybody like you, so when you initiated a conversation with me, it was like a dream come true.”

As he spoke, he saw what looked like tears streaming down her round face, and within seconds, he began doing the same.

She decided it was her turn to break the sad silence. “Wow, I never knew that was how you felt. I realized quickly that if we started a relationship, it wouldn’t be like the others I've seen pass us by. I was also scared, but I couldn’t miss the opportunity though. We only get to live one life. One short life, in our case I suppose.”

Those last words struck him hard. “That’s right. We only have one life. But you know what? I’m happy I got to spend all of it with you. I guess this is goodbye, my love.”

“I love you very much. Until we meet again, honey.” By the end of that day, still holding each other’s hands, they had lost their battle with the sun and began to disappear into the grass. What only remained were pools of hats, scarves, two orange carrots, interlocked twig arms, and the black charcoal eyes that sparked his love for her.